lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Monday 22nd of September. Flight home. Arrival at School.

After a wonderful day visiting the sights of London. We had a pleasant flight home. Most of the children slept on the plane and we arrived at School at about 10.30. The children responded very well to our frequent changes of location in the last four days and were always on time, well prepared and ready to enjoy the itinerary we had planned for them.
Safely home

Sunday 21st of September: Tour of London. Covent Garden. Airport

Our day began with a guided tour of London. We had a pizza meal in Fire and Stone. In the afternoon we visited the Tower of London, then onto Heathrow Airport to catch our plane home.
In front of Buckingham Palace

20th September. Warwick Castle. Warner Brothers Studio.

We spent a very pleasant night in Stratford, then visited Warwick Castle. The highlights of the day were our visits to the Warner Brothers Studios were we enjoyed a spectacular visit to the Harry Potter  exhibition, then onto our hotel in London.

The Harry Potter exhibition is a very special place were they have preserved the sets in which they filmed some of the important scenes. Each child was presented with a Harry Potter Passport and there were questions to answer and special things to find in order to fully appreciate this very unique experience. We spent over two hours, but could have stayed longer, as there was much to see.

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Friday 19th September. Mount St Mary's College

We spent the night at Mount St Mary's College. We arrived at 18.30 in the evening and went directly for a evening meal. In the evening the children we able to meet the boarding school pupils and play games and ping pong.

This morning we were given a tour of the magnificent buildings and grounds of the school, led by the school house captains. The school has a history going back 400 years, therefore there was a lot to see and enjoy. We left the school and travelled to Stratford upon Avon and visited Shakespeare's house. The children enjoyed a little free time then we visited some of the famous landmarks of Stratford.

We enjoyed a three course meal at the hotel, after which the children returned to their rooms to prepare for a busy day starting in Warwick tomorrow. We will then visit the Warner Brothers Studio, where parts of the Harry Potter Films were made.

Everyone is well and after our planned tour of London we will be returning to Buenos Aires on Sunday.


miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Wednesday September 17th. Fossil hunting and Whitby Abbey

We woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast. Although the weather wasn't very helpful we went to the beach to look for fossils, this was, devils' toenails, ammonites, belemnites and corals. Because of the weather we returned to Sneaton Castle to change our wet clothes. We stayed at the castle playing different games in the common room.

The moment that we had been waiting finally came when we visited
St.Hildas Abbey. We learned a lot of information about it that we didn't know.
After visiting the abbey we went shopping. I personally  think that  the shopping part was the best because we had a beautifull time laughing and , of course, buying beautiful things.
When we finished, it was late and we were all very tired so we went back to the castle for dinner and here we are, some of us writing and some others playing.
Regards, Agüs R.

In the morning we plan to visit the City of York and we will spent the  night at Mount St. Mary's School. We are sure that from there we will be able to send the photographs of the children for the missing days. The group is in good spirits and all is going to plan despite the rather wet and misty conditions. 

Warmest greetings and we hope that families are receiving the photographs we are sending using the Facebook connection. 

martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

Tuesday 16th September. Visit to Caedmon School.

Everyone had great day at Caedmon School. During the morning the children had hosts and they attended different classes. During the afternoon we enjoyed a cultural and musical experience. We were able to show the Caedmon children a film that had been made last term. The idea was to demonstrate our school to the Caedmon children. This was followed by a display presented by the Caedmon children and some individual musical performances. We were warmly hosted by our English friends and many new friendships were made during the day.  Every one agreed that this was both an enjoyable and interesting highlight of our trip so far.

On our return to Sneaton Castle we had a tour of the priory chapel, this was followed by games on the   Playing field. The children are now enjoying the Sneaton Castle Games Room, where they can play  pool  and table tennis, as well as table football. Our plan is to eat our evening meal, then travel to Scarborough for a bowling evening.

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Monday 15th September.

The following pictures show our journey between Perth and Whitby on Sunday. They are followed by   pictures of the cycle ride, our trip on the Harry Potter Train and our visit to Pickering Castle.

Today, we began the day with a cycle ride. The children were very enthusiastic and we managed to complete the ride. The weather was cloudy, but it did not rain during the ride and all went well. We then went to Grosmont and caught the Harry Potter train to Pickering. The children were delighted as we had a reserved compartment all to ourselves. We then were able to visit Pickering Castle before it began to rain. Our coach arrived a little earlier, so we were able to return to Sneaton Castle, where there was time for evening games before and after supper.

We are still unable to send photographs using this Blog, as the Sneaton Castle system is not working well and we are not getting positive assistance from

Tomorrow we will visit Caedmon School, who will help us to send all the photographs we have taken of today's activities. We are also sending pictures using Facebook. We are sorry for the delay,  but will find a solution in the morning. We have some very happy looking children riding their bicycles in Yorkshire, which we are sure you will enjoy early tomorrow.

Warmest greetings from England