sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2014

Day 4. September 13th . St Andrews

 We arrived in St Andrews at ten in the morning and began our visit at the Cathedral. We then went to St. Andrew's Castle and learned about it`s history. Some children were able to explore the underground tunnels which make the the castle famous. We then went on to the Aquarium and saw a wide variety of fish and exotic creatures from all over the world. Our next stop was Ziggy`s Restaurant were the menu was interesting and the backgound music was Rock and Roll. The walls were decorated with memorabilia which included many famous musicians.
In the afternoon we visited the St Andrew`s University museum and then went on to stand and watch the golf on one of the oldest and most famous courses in the world. Our day finished with a walk along the beach at West Sands, where the film Chariots of Fire was made. The was still time to go swimming in the evening. Our day was very busy, but every one really enjoyed themselves.
We will be leaving to visit Whitby in the morning. Everyone is fit and well and looking forward to living in Sneaton Castle

                    On the beach at West Sands, where the film Chariots of Fire was made.

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  1. Que divertidos se los ve y cuanto que están aprendiendo! Acá estamos compartiendo con ustedes su alegría y les mandamos un beso enorme !
    Sigan disfrutando ! Besos