domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Day 5. From Scotland to Whitby.

Today, we woke up, had breakfast and loaded our suitcases  (heavy stuff) onto the coach. We travelled to Jedburgh which is a journey of just under two hours. We took a half hour break there and some relaxed and others visited the Woolen Mill. Our next stop was at the boarder between England and Scotland, which is marked by a big stone. Here we had our last group photograph taken in Scotland and our first in England.
After that we travelled to the Beamish Open Air Museum. I liked it because when you are there it makes you feel as if you are living in the 1900's. After visiting the old town, which I enjoyed because we ate hot, crunchy bread and visited and old dentist's house. We also went to a coal mining village and Mr Spick gave us a short class in a Victorian classroom.
After leaving Beamish we travelled directly to Whitby along the coast road. This took us nearly another two hours. We are now at Sneaton Castle, where we ate our evening meal, then we played games on the field before a shower and bed.

Written by Francisco Marin.

Dear Parents
There is a technical problem with the Wi Fi at Sneaton Castle which unfortunately does not allow us to send photographs. We hope to be able to solve the problem and soon as possible. We have been making every effort to send some pictures using the Facebook account, which we know some of you are connected to.

Tomorrow we plan a busy day, which will begin with a cycle ride, followed by a trip across the Yorkshire moors on the Harry Potter train.

Warmest Greetings from England.

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