martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

Tuesday 16th September. Visit to Caedmon School.

Everyone had great day at Caedmon School. During the morning the children had hosts and they attended different classes. During the afternoon we enjoyed a cultural and musical experience. We were able to show the Caedmon children a film that had been made last term. The idea was to demonstrate our school to the Caedmon children. This was followed by a display presented by the Caedmon children and some individual musical performances. We were warmly hosted by our English friends and many new friendships were made during the day.  Every one agreed that this was both an enjoyable and interesting highlight of our trip so far.

On our return to Sneaton Castle we had a tour of the priory chapel, this was followed by games on the   Playing field. The children are now enjoying the Sneaton Castle Games Room, where they can play  pool  and table tennis, as well as table football. Our plan is to eat our evening meal, then travel to Scarborough for a bowling evening.

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  1. Gracias por las noticias del día de hoy.
    Disfruten del juego de bowling.