miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

Wednesday 10th September.
We left Buenos aires on time and arrived in London this morning after a very pleasant flight. For some there was even time to sleep.

Our flight connection to Perth was delayed for a short while but we managed to have our lunch at Pizza Hut as planned. The children really enjoyed their meal, particularly the ice creams which followed. We spent a short time in Perth then went swimming at the Perth Leisure Centre. The swimming and playing on the giant slides really relaxed the children and they all had a great time.

Everyone is well and enjoying the sights, sounds and new experiences. After a tremendously long day all the children are in their rooms and ready to sleep. Unfortunately there was little time for photography but, we will be posting some pictures of our activities tomorrow.

Warmest Greetings are sent by the children and staff.

More news will follow tomorrow.

2 comentarios:

  1. Estamos muy contentos por las excelentes noticias recibidas !
    Que descansen y tengan mañana un día provechoso!


  2. Feliz día del maestro Mr. Spick! Gracias por las noticias! Enjoy!