miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Wednesday September 17th. Fossil hunting and Whitby Abbey

We woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast. Although the weather wasn't very helpful we went to the beach to look for fossils, this was, devils' toenails, ammonites, belemnites and corals. Because of the weather we returned to Sneaton Castle to change our wet clothes. We stayed at the castle playing different games in the common room.

The moment that we had been waiting finally came when we visited
St.Hildas Abbey. We learned a lot of information about it that we didn't know.
After visiting the abbey we went shopping. I personally  think that  the shopping part was the best because we had a beautifull time laughing and , of course, buying beautiful things.
When we finished, it was late and we were all very tired so we went back to the castle for dinner and here we are, some of us writing and some others playing.
Regards, Agüs R.

In the morning we plan to visit the City of York and we will spent the  night at Mount St. Mary's School. We are sure that from there we will be able to send the photographs of the children for the missing days. The group is in good spirits and all is going to plan despite the rather wet and misty conditions. 

Warmest greetings and we hope that families are receiving the photographs we are sending using the Facebook connection. 

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  1. Nos alegramos que sigan conociendo y aprendiendo.
    ¡Al mal tiempo buena cara y a seguir disfrutando entre amigos!
    Recibimos las fotos subidas a Facebook donde los pudimos ver jugando.
    Un abrazo inmenso para todos.

  2. Gracias por el esfuerzo en enviarnos fotos e Info. Vemos que se están divirtiendo mucho. Sigan disfrutando !